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We provide a variety of dental services for your entire family


Composite Fillings

Tired of those silver/black fillings distracting others when you smile or laugh? Composite fillings are a type of plastic filling that can match your tooth shade and no-one will know the difference!


Pediatricians are currently recommending children to be seen by a dentist at the age of one year. We feel confident that starting your child’s visits as soon as possible can only help to provide education and preventive care. We will never “push” a child to do unwanted procedures. We work at the child’s pace in a nurturing manner. We would love to have your "pride and joy" grow up under our care.


In office bleaching: For those who love instant gratification, (and who doesn't?) this procedure allows you to leave our office in an hour with a brighter smile! (Up to 8 shades in fact!)

At home bleaching: This take home kit comes with custom trays made especially for your mouth and bleach tubes that allow you to decide how white you want your teeth. This is also a way to control sensitivity for those with sensitive teeth!


Interested in improving your smile without the time involved with braces? Veneers are another minimally invasive option for you! A veneer is a porcelain overlay, nearly as thin as a contact lense, that bonds to your natural tooth. It can be made in the correct size, shape, length and shade to enhance your smile and give you that movie star grin that you are hoping for. Ask us today if veneers will work for you!


Crowns can be made two ways: either all porcelain or porcelain fused to metal. They encompase the entire tooth to give it support when it has been weakened by large fillings or cracks.

Bridges are designed to replace one or more missing teeth and remain fixed in the mouth. You can feel confident and secure by eliminating black spaces that show through your smile.

TMD or TMJ Therapy

People who suffer from temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) are often in so much pain, they stop participating in the activities they used to enjoy. Sleep can be restless and quality of life can be lessened. Fortunately, this disorder can be diagnosed and treated by Dr. Gosch. Dr. Kendra Gosch can examine you for TMD indicators, evaluate range of motion, and identify any bite related problems that may be the source of your facial pain.

Smile Makeover

A smile makeover is a transformative process designed to improve the appearance of your smile using a set of cosmetic dental procedures such as veneers, dental bonding, or teeth whitening. Dr. Gosch is trained to customize services based on needs and preferences to achieve a beautiful and naturally feeling result!


Implants are designed as a single tooth replacement or to provide anchorage for a denture. This is an option where the implant body is placed in the bone acting as the root of your tooth. Then a single abutment and crown is placed on top to provide the functional and esthetic demands of the tooth it replaces. Multiple implants can also be placed to stabilize a complete denture to improve security, confidence and function.


An additional alternative to missing teeth is this appliance that can be removed from the mouth for easy cleaning. And of course the beauty of a denture is that while it's in the mouth, nobody has to know...

Root Canal Therapy

In pain? We can provide a relaxing environment to soothe your worries and eliminate your pain. A root canal holds the worst reputation in association with dentistry, but the fact is that it's the root canal that makes the pain go away! A root canal simply removes the infected nerve from the tooth so you will no longer have that sense of pain. This allows you to keep your tooth for chewing, speaking, living!


Known as "the clear alternative to braces", this product uses a series of aligners that are custom molded to fit your teeth. Over a period of time, your teeth will straighten for that glamourous smile you've always wanted! Ask us for your FREE consultation today!


When you do need a tooth removed, you can be confident that we will make it as painless as possible. Most patients don't even realize the deed is done until they are sitting up to go home!

Periodontal Treatment

Periodontitis is also known as gum disease. Many procedures can be performed in the comfort of our office with exceptional oral care explanations and recommendations. With your participation, our goal is to return your mouth to its maximum health once more! We now offer LASER assisted perio therapy, which can nearly eliminate the harmful bacteria that contribute to the disease and therefore produce more ideal treatment outcomes.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Even if your smile is severely compromised, Dr. Gosch can create a treatment plan to completely restore health, comfort, function, and aesthetics.  Full mouth reconstruction can combine any number of restorative treatments, as well as some cosmetic procedures, depending on your goals.  During a consultation, she can recommend a custom combination of treatments to completely rebuild your smile for a more confident you!

Botox and Injectable Fillers

In addition to treating wrinkles, frown lines, and crow’s feet, Botox® can also be used in treatment of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain.  When administered into facial muscles such as the masseter, Botox® can help reduce or eliminate clenching thereby helping to reduce TMJ and facial pain.

Due to their expertise and experience providing complete treatment plans for the head and neck region, many dentists, including Dr. Gosch, have received Botox® training to safely and effectively administer Botox® as part of dental treatment plans.